Fine Art Prints 1

My black & white prints are produced in house exclusively using Breathing Color Optica One digital fine art papers. Optica One is a 300gsm matte fine art paper with a luxuriously smooth surface ideal for high resolution photographic imagery. It is also most neutral in shade, ie just off white, although Breathing Color declare it as bright white. This is quite simply the best paper I have found offering superb tonal qualities and excellent contrast, so important in black & white printing. The paper is heavy and needs handling with care upon delivery as all fine art papers are rather susceptible to marking if mishandled. Please be careful.

18"x12" fine art £ 6018"x12" digital fine art print
24"x16" fine art£ 9024"x16" digital fine art print

Fine Art prints 2

Wide format fine art prints

24"x12" wide format£ 8024"x12" wide format digital fine art print
32"x16" wide format £ 12532"x16" wide format digital fine art print